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If you encounter problems while placing orders in our webshop, please contact our customer service which is available on workdays from 8 am until 2 pm.

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eLibrary Support-FAQ

I. Questions about buying and using e-products

You can buy ebooks and digital journal articles from our online shop. They are delivered in PDF format, without Digital Rights Management (DRM).

You can pay for ebooks and journal PDFs by credit card, by online bank transfer, or using a PayPal account. Payment in advance for these products is not possible. This applies as soon as an ebook or journal PDF is included in an order.

Credit card payments and online bank transfers are also handled by PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to use those payment methods however.

Orders with author's discount are only possible through a user account. If you do not yet have an account, please first go to the sign-up page to set one up.

To buy a product with author's discount, place it in your shopping cart as usual and proceed to the checkout. At the bottom of the payment page you will see a box in which you can enter a discount code. Enter the author's discount code you received from your Mohr Siebeck editor here. The price will then be reduced by the amount of the author's discount, and you can complete your order.

When you subsequently place orders through the same user account, your author's discount will be automatically applied when you reach the payment page, without having to enter the discount code again. Please note that the discount will not yet be shown in your shopping cart, but only once you reach the checkout. The price indicated at that point will state "Price including author's discount".

After you have bought an ebook or journal PDF you will first receive a confirmation e-mail listing the items you have ordered. You will receive a further e-mail within 24 hours containing a link via which you can access and download the ebook or journal article in PDF format.

When your order is complete, you will also see a link to the ebook or journal article you have bought in your user account on the "My library" page. Clicking the link opens the PDF in an online viewer, from which you can download it using the Download button at the top right (ebooks are downloaded chapter by chapter).

If you have not received your confirmation e-mail, or the e-mail containing your access link, within 24 hours of placing your order, please first check your Spam folder. As these are automated mails, it might be that they have been diverted there in error.

If you are unable to find your e-mail, please check the entries on the "My orders" page in your user profile: Is the order in question listed there? If it is, please also check the entries on the "My library" page for a link to the ebook or journal article you bought.

If you cannot find your order on the "My orders" page or see the related link on the "My library" page, please contact our Support, quoting the following details:

  • The e-mail address under which the order was placed
  • The ISBN or DOI of the ebook or journal article you ordered from the shop page in question
  • The date and time you placed your order
  • The order number from your confirmation e-mail, if you have received one

If you are unable to access and download your ebook or journal PDF via the link in the e-mail you received or on the "My library" page, please contact our Support, quoting the following details:

  • The ISBN or DOI of the ebook or journal article you ordered from the shop page in question
  • The date and time of your failed access attempt
  • The displayed error message, if any
  • The browser you are using
  • The e-mail address under which the order was placed
  • The order number from your confirmation e-mail.

The online PDF viewer provides all the usual features of a standard PDF reader, as well as a number of additional convenience functions:

  • On the left-hand side you will see a navigation area which you can use to quickly go to specific points in the document. You can use the buttons at the top of the screen to see previews of individual pages, view the table of contents or perform a full-text search of the current PDF.
  • Directly above the PDF view on the left-hand side are the navigation elements for scrolling through  the PDF and going to a specific page. Please note that the page count here does not necessarily correspond to the pagination of the PDF in the print layout view.
  • In the middle above the PDF view you will see the buttons to zoom in and out (increase and decrease the size of the displayed image). To the right of that are buttons for the following additional functions:
  • Switch to Presentation Mode: Enlarge the PDF view to full-screen mode and hide all other elements.
  • Download: Download the PDF – in the case of ebooks, the current chapter being viewed; in the case of journal articles, the complete article.
  • Bibliographic Data: Open a dialog box from which you can download the bibliographic data of the displayed PDF in Bibtex, RIS, ONIX or Marc21 format.
  • Tools: Opens a menu containing additional buttons to jump to the first/last page of the PDF or to rotate the current page clockwise or anti-clockwise (such as to make pages containing graphics or tables in landscape format easier to read).

    There is a special quotation feature: Select the passage of text within the PDF that you want to quote using the mouse. When you release the mouse button, a "Quote" button is displayed adjacent to the selected text. When you click on it a window opens up containing the selected text as well as the related bibliographic source data and a link to the location of the quoted passage in the PDF document. You can then copy this to your clipboard and paste it into another document as required.

Our ebooks and journal PDFs are not encrypted by Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. This means you can open them in any PDF reader without needing additional DRM software.

In order to prevent illegal distribution, and track the document's use, each PDF contains printed licence information at the top indicating the original licence.

Yes. Our ebooks and journal PDFs can be printed. To do so, download the PDF and use your PDF reader's standard Print function.

When you buy an ebook or journal PDF, you acquire a licence to use the document in question for your own purposes subject to our licensing rules. Passing on or distributing ebooks or journal PDFs to third parties is not allowed.

II. Questions about signing up, logging in, and user data

On the login page, you can click the "Create account" button to set up a user account. A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to the address you specify. Click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to complete the sign-up procedure. An e-mail address can only be used once to sign up a user.