Matthew Neujahr

Babylonian Scribalism and the Production of Apocalypses and Related Early Jewish Texts

Volume 5 () / Issue 3, pp. 212-232 (21)

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This article takes stock of the burgeoning body of research that seeks to locate elements of early Jewish apocalyptic texts as originating within a Babylonian scribal milieu. The only truly convincing claims of this nature involve those elements of apocalyptic and related works that exhibit esoteric, technical knowledge – e.g. astronomical, metrological – that can be traced to a Babylonian scribal curriculum. The highly technical aspects of such specialized instruction should not be taken as evidence of a scribal-pedagogical strain within apocalyptic literature that relates it intimately to wisdom literature. Rather, any emphasis on a »scribal character« of both apocalyptic and wisdom texts misconstrues the nature of ancient scribal practice, which is distinctive of no particular type of literature.

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