Michael Burdett, Emily Burdett

Economy of Grace and the Infinite Circle: A Theological Reception of the Social Evolutionary Origins of Gratitude

Volume 9 () / Issue 1, pp. 119-135 (17)
Published 05.10.2022

This article considers the social evolutionary research on gratitude and reciprocity and focuses on two mechanisms, upstream reciprocity and increased gratitude to strangers, that have strong consonance with various theological accounts of giftgiving and gratitude. We argue that these two mechanisms paramountly reflect God's superabundant, expansive economy of increasing gratuity in the creation that is established, redeemed, developed, and brought to final consummation in perfect fellowship with the Trinity. Indeed, referencing the work of Kathryn Tanner and Peter Leithart, the gifts of God to creation found, enable, and form the impetus for a creaturely gifting exchange economy that expands beyond dyadic gift exchange and includes the outcast, sinner, and stranger.

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