Konrad Schmid

From Lament to Guilt: The Beginnings of Theology in the Book of Jeremiah

Volume 10 () / Issue 4, pp. 405-422 (18)
Published 23.02.2022

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Within the earliest texts in the book of Jeremiah, a remarkable theological development can be reconstructed: A first layer of prophetic laments seems to have been expanded by theological interpretations that imply a shift from lament to accusation. The disaster that Judah and Jerusalem experience before and after the catastrophe of 587 BCE is not a historical coincidence, but the result of a divine plan. In this development, the beginnings of theology in the book of Jeremiah can be discerned.

Konrad Schmid Born 1965; professor of Old Testament and Ancient Judaism at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zürich, Switzerland.