Tehillah Lieberman

Make Jerusalem Great Again

The Role of Alexander Jannaeus in Shaping the Hasmonean Capital City

Volume 12 () / Issue 1, pp. 48-68 (21)
Published 31.03.2023

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During the Hasmonean period the city of Jerusalem was designated and shaped in order to serve as the capital city of the newly established kingdom. During this period, the city had advanced on several levels leading up to the affluent Herodian period which followed. In this article, various archaeological remains from the city will be examined, together illuminating significant progress in the city's development, specifically during the 1st century bce – during the reign of King Alexander Jannaeus. It is suggested that under his rule, Jannaeus actively developed the city in terms of size, economy, technology and water supply facilitating significant progress of the city. Jannaeus' endeavors emphasized the centrality of the city and confirmed its physical status as the capital city.

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