Armin Lange

The Biblia Qumranica as a Synoptic Edition of the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

Volume 2 () / Issue 1, pp. 17-37 (21)

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The Biblia Qumranica aims to provide a tool for the comparative study of the biblical Dead Sea Scrolls. To that end, it provides a columnar synopsis of all biblical manuscripts found at Qumran and the other sites around the Dead Sea. In so doing, the Biblia Qumranica follows editorial interests and an editorial philosophy, which are different from though not opposed to the conception of other critical biblical editions. Before engaging with the Biblia Qumranica itself, I will discuss the editorial theories of some recent critical editions of the Hebrew Bible. At the end of this article, I will provide an example of how the Biblia Qumranica facilitates comparative textual analysis of biblical Dead Sea Scrolls.

Armin Lange Geboren 1961; 1982–90 Studium der Evangelischen Theologie; 1995 Promotion; 2001 Habilitation; 2002–2004 Associate Professor for Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls an der University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; seit 2005 Professor für das Judentum in der Zeit des Zweiten Tempels an der Universität Wien.