Thomas Römer

The Date, Composition and Function of Joshua 24 in Recent Research. A Response to Joachim J. Krause, Cynthia Edenburg, and Konrad Schmid

Volume 6 () / Issue 2, pp. 203-216 (14)

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This article reviews the contributions of Cynthia Edenburg, Joachim Krause and Konrad Schmid and offers further arguments for the setting of Joshua 24, a post-priestly text, in the second half of the Persian period. It also underlines the Samaritan perspective of the chapter. Indeed, the aim of Joshua 24 was to create a Hexateuch, which would have been acceptable by Judeans, Samaritans and, under certain circumstances, also for the Diaspora.

Thomas Römer Born 1955; professor and chair of the Collège de France and Professor emeritus of the University of Lausanne.