Judith Gärtner

The Historical Psalms. A Study of Psalms 78; 105; 106; 135, and 136 as Key Hermeneutical Texts in the Psalter

Volume 4 () / Issue 4, pp. 373-399 (27)

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In the late theology of the psalms, the main lines of Old Testament theology are focused like light through a magnifying glass. The »historical psalms« (Psalms 78; 105; 106; 135; and 136) emphasize the reflection of their own history. In its own way, each of the historical psalms creates memories of a »salvific primordial time,« which includes the exodus and the conquest, in order to reinterpret the present through prayer. This paper approaches the identity-forming function of history through the lens of »collective memory,« a notion from the field of cultural studies. From this interdisciplinary angle, the historical psalms are shown to be key hermeneutic texts in the composition and redaction of the Psalter.

Judith Gärtner Geboren 1972; Studium der Ev. Theologie in Münster, Jerusalem und Marburg; 2005 Promotion; 2011 Habilitation; 2013−14 Professorin für Altes Testament und Antikes Judentum an der Universität Osnabrück; seit 2014 Professorin für Altes Testament an der Universität Rostock.