Emanuel Tov

The Publication of the Textual History of the Bible in Light of the Progress in Textual Scholarship

Volume 6 () / Issue 2, pp. 245-258 (14)

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Much significant progress in textual criticism occurred in the 20th century, as is visible in new primary evidence, understanding the textual witnesses, approaches to textual criticism, textual theories, computer-assisted research, and text editions. This review article discusses how these new data and theories are handled in a new research tool, the Textual History of the Bible (THB). The THB makes it easier for scholars to handle this wealth of information and its dispersion in a multitude of studies and tools. The THB is innovative and a storehouse of many views. Although the THB is comprehensive, it does not deal with all aspects of the textual criticism of the Hebrew and translated Bible.

Emanuel Tov Born 1941; 1973 PhD in biblical studies at the Hebrew University; since 1986 Professor in the Department of Bible of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; since 1990 he holds the J. L. Magnes chair.