Israel Finkelstein, Benjamin Sass

The West Semitic Alphabetic Inscriptions, Late Bronze II to Iron IIA: Archeological Context, Distribution and Chronology

Volume 2 () / Issue 2, pp. 149-220 (72)

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The article deals with the chronology and geographic distribution of the Late Bronze II to late Iron IIA alphabetic inscriptions found in the Levant, ca. 1300–800 B.C.E., with an emphasis on the archaeological context. It traces the expansion of the alphabet from its core area in the Shephelah in the Late Bronze age to the rest of the Levant starting in the early Iron IIA, ca. 900 B.C.E., and the parallel development of the alphabet away from Proto-Canaanite.

Israel Finkelstein Born 1949; Director of excavation at key biblical sites such as Megiddo, Shiloh and Kiriath-jearim; Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University.

Benjamin Sass No current data available.