David S. Vanderhooft

Wadi el-Hôl Inscription 2 and The Early Semitic Alphabetic Graph *ǵ, *ǵull-, »yoke«

Volume 2 () / Issue 2, pp. 125-135 (11)

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In the second of two early alphabetic inscriptions from the Wadi el-Hôl in Egypt, an unidentified graph appears twice. I hypothesize that the acrophone for the graph is the double ox-yoke with neck thongs on each end, which was called a *ǵullu, »yoke« in Proto-Northwest Semitic. According to this hypothesis, *ǵullu is the acrophone for the Proto-Semitic phoneme */ǵ/. On this basis, I offer a tentative decipherment of the inscription.

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