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Hans Kelsen

Hans Kelsen Werke

Band 6: Veröffentlichte Schriften 1920-1921
Edited by Hans Kelsen-Institut and Matthias Jestaedt
[Complete Works. Volume 6: Published Writings 1920-1921.]
2020. XIV, 977 pages.
Published in German.
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Collected in Volume 6 of Hans Kelsen's Complete Works are writings from 1920-21. The breadth and volume of the prolific writer's works are reflected not only by the inclusion of the first edition of "The Essence and Value of Democracy", but also the monograph "Socialism and the State. A Study of Marxist Theory". Pieces on the process of creating Austria's constitution, the Federal Constitutional Law of 1920, inter- and pluridisciplinary approaches to the key concept of the state and the theory of democracy are contained as well. Another article describes the possible integration of democratic elements within fields of administration with newspaper "op-eds" (opposite-the-editorial-page articles) on short-term political issues, such as the challenges then facing Austria's universities, likewise occupying Kelsen's pen.