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Anne Bezzel

Leibhaftige Frömmigkeit

Die Verehrung der Seitenwunde Christi als Schnittfläche und Fluchtpunkt spätmittelalterlicher Frömmigkeitsphänomene
[Corporeal Piety. The Veneration of the Wound in Christ's Side as Interface and Vanishing Point in Late Medieval Piety.]
2023. XIV, 418 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-162197-0
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Devout reverence to the wound in Christ's side is omnipresent in the religious piety of the late Middle Ages. In the wake of this central motif, Anne Bezzel's intricate study shows that this devotion is embedded in the complex cosmos of medieval religiosity, which is characterized by the significance of the body, the longing for grace, the discovery of love, and discourse on the concepts of gender.This work was awarded the Nuremberg Staedtler Foundation 2023 doctoral prize.

Spätmittelalter, Humanismus, Reformation / Studies in the Late Middle Ages, Humanism, and the Reformation (SMHR)