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Cover of: JuristenZeitung

JuristenZeitung (JZ)

Volume 72 (2017) / Heft 23
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Georg Alexander Haas, Joachim Zekoll
pp. 1140-1146 (7)
including VAT
Martin Heckel
pp. 1129-1139 (11)
including VAT

Analysis: Obituary

Alexander Thiele
pp. 1156-1157 (2)
including VAT

Analysis: Conference Report

Pirmin Herz
pp. 1157-1158 (2)
including VAT



Bernhard Ulrici
pp. 1177-1180 (4)
including VAT
Jelena von Achenbach
pp. 1170-1175 (6)
including VAT
pp. 1161-1170 (10)
including VAT
pp. 1175-1177 (3)
including VAT


Reinhard Zimmermann
pp. 1159-1160 (2)
including VAT