General Information

For subscription prices, please go to the relevant journal and click on Subscription. Online access to full texts is included in subscriptions and available through our eLibrary. Individual articles are also available via pay-per-view as PDFs. These can be purchased for a fee based on the number of pages.

Subscribe to Open (S2O)
In 2024 four of our journals will be converted to Open Access by starting the »Subscribe to Open« process including four well-known Mohr Siebeck journals and a new one on religious studies entitled Historical Interactions of Religious Cultures (HIReC).

The four other journals are:

Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences (PTSc)

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE)

Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (RabelsZ)

Intellectual Property Journal (IPJ)

Only journals from the current and preceding year are available directly from us. Printed editions from previous years can be obtained from Schmidt Periodicals ( or in digital form from DigiZeitschriften or JSTOR for authorised users.


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