An Aramaic Amulet for Winning a Case in a Court of Law - 10.1628/jsq-2019-0002 - Mohr Siebeck

Shaul Shaked, Rivka Elitzur-Leiman

An Aramaic Amulet for Winning a Case in a Court of Law

Jahrgang 26 () / Heft 1, S. 1-16 (16)
Publiziert 15.03.2019

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An unusually long text of a Jewish-Aramaic amulet of the sixth or seventh century, inscribed on a sheet of gold, is the topic of this paper. Its language is close to Jewish Palestinian Aramaic and to the late Targums. Its vocabulary consists of a number of rare words and some peculiar spellings. It is copied with some errors (e. g., mistaking the letters dalet and resh) from a book of magic recipes, and includes the title that accompanied the text, »For all authorities,« and some instruction for its use. The goal of the spell is to reach a successful issue in litigation. The text reflects some typical Jewish notions and expressions, but it also refers to Shamash (or Shamish), a solar deity, and employs divine attributes that are rarely if ever employed in Jewish texts. Such oddities may be explained by its provenance in the Balkan area.

Shaul Shaked Geboren 1933; Studium an den Universitäten Jerusalem und London; 1965 Ph.D., London; seit 1965 Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Religion an der Hebrew University, Jerusalem; o. Mitglied der Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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