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Cover von: Die andere Moderne
Tilman Reitz

Die andere Moderne

Rubrik: Artikel
Jahrgang 68 (2021) / Heft 1, S. 31-38 (8)
Publiziert 16.06.2021
DOI 10.1628/phr-2021-0005
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  • 10.1628/phr-2021-0005
Since his dissertation in 1968, Manfred Walther has advanced the reception of Spinoza like no other German scholar, as much through his own contributions as through his early attention to international discussions. His collected contributions on Spinoza make up an independent approach, which might best be described as realistic rationalism. Walther manages the feat of presenting an accessible (and still convincing) Spinoza while staying true to the epistemological complexity of the Ethics. One focus of the contributions is on Spinoza's practical philosophy. The widespread tendency to celebrate Spinoza simultaneously as a cool analyst of power and as the best advocate of democracy is also present in Walther's work. However, his contributions open up the possibility of reading Spinoza himself with realistic expectations rather than idealistic exaggeration.

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