Christine Helmer

Epistemology and Christology

Rubrik: Diskussionsbeiträge
Theologische Rundschau (ThR)

Jahrgang 86 () / Heft 3-4, S. 355-363 (9)
Publiziert 25.01.2022

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This paper addresses the new epistemological challenges that the Covid pandemic exposes, specifically the problematic »back to normal« mantra that forgets the intersectional injustices permeating contemporary society; and the difficulty in relating the incommensurable sides of the »metaphysical size gap« between personal experience of trauma and global statistics. A way forward is charted by theology's christological meaning-making on the cross, discussed as the reality of uniting incommensurables, while resisting any rational solution.

Christine Helmer is Professor of German and Religious Studies at Northwestern University.