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Cover von: Hegelianismen im englischsprachigen Raum
Charlott Baumann

Hegelianismen im englischsprachigen Raum

Rubrik: Artikel
Jahrgang 68 (2021) / Heft 4, S. 367-389 (23)
Publiziert 16.03.2022
DOI 10.1628/phr-2021-0031
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  • 10.1628/phr-2021-0031
This article discusses anglophone readings of G. W. F. Hegel against the backdrop of German-language scholarship. The article starts by differentiating types of metaphysics (I). Following a taxonomy introduced by Paul Redding, I then discuss Charles Taylor's Christian-mystical (II), the so-called »non-metaphysical« (III) and the »revised metaphysical« reading (IV). Terry Pinkard's work serves as an example of (III) and Stephen Houlgate's as an example of (IV). I highlight problematic aspects of each reading that concern: the meaning of »reason in the world« (II), the anti-relativist clout of Hegel's philosophy (III) and the difference between the development of logical concepts and the empirical origin of the world and human thinking (IV). The text ends (V) by pointing to the social implications of each type of reading.

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