Malaise und Remeduren: besondere Leistungsbezüge in »W« - 10.1628/wissr-2021-0011 - Mohr Siebeck

Hubert Detmer

Malaise und Remeduren: besondere Leistungsbezüge in »W«

Rubrik: Abhandlungen
Wissenschaftsrecht (WissR)

Jahrgang 54 () / Heft 2, S. 103-115 (13)
Publiziert 10.06.2021

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Professors who receive a salary according to the W-salary system, can apply for special bonuses (besondere Leistungsbezüge). However, the systems for awarding such bonuses are often regulated only rudimentarily and not in a reliable legal form. This can be changed by the implementation of goal- or performance-agreements. Also, it must be stated clearly, when an application for special bonuses is possible. However, the applicant has to accept that an entitlement to special bonuses is limited to the financial means available to the university.

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