Hans-Dieter Mutschler

Physics – Metaphysics – Theology

Jahrgang 6 () / Heft 2, S. 123-132 (10)
Publiziert 11.11.2019

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It seems that neither a theology of nature nor a natural theology can do without metaphysics if they aim to relate to natural science, as the latter is bound to the causal idiom and would only be able to introduce God as a link in a chain of causality, which would fall short of the concept of God. However, 'metaphysics' should be very weakly determined. It does not contain any a priori truths that are eternal in nature, but only principles that make us understand the empirical without being empirical themselves. If we try to do without such a weak metaphysics, the perspectives of meaning of the Revelation can no longer be related to the justified inquiries of the naturalist skeptic. The skeptic then would have to consider the believer an ideologically suspect person who refuses to engage in discourse on equal terms.

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