Ansgar Belke, Frank Baumgärtner, Friedrich Schneider, Ralph Setzer

The Different Extent of Privatization Proceeds in OECD Countries: A Preliminary Explanation Using a Public-Choice Approach

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Jahrgang 63 () / Heft 2, S. 211-243 (33)

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This paper empirically investigates the differences in the motives for raising privatization proceeds for a panel of 22 OECD countries from 1990 to 2001. We test whether privatizations can be mainly interpreted (a) as a means to foster growth, increase tax income, and relax the fiscal stance, (b) as a result of right-wing governments' more market-oriented policy stance, and (c) as a reaction to a country's institutional setting and the influence of interest groups. Whereas we are able to corroborate claim (c) only partly, we gain consistent evidence in favor of claims (a) and (b).

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