Beheimatung als Ziel gemeindepädagogischen Handelns? - 10.1628/zthk-2021-0018 - Mohr Siebeck

Michael Domsgen

Beheimatung als Ziel gemeindepädagogischen Handelns?

Zum orientierenden Potenzial eines umstrittenen Begriffs

Jahrgang 118 () / Heft 3, S. 377-395 (19)
Publiziert 10.09.2021

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In the practice of Christian educational work there is a lot of talk about the term »Beheimatung« (a term with multiple meanings to describe the feeling of being at home or in the place where one belongs). However, it often remains unclear what is meant by this term. The article develops different dimensions of the term, reflects on its theologically and concludes with suggesting a more substantial talk about »Beheimatung« as a goal of Christian education.

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