Daniel Klerman

Bias in Choice of Law: New Empirical and Experimental Evidence

Jahrgang 179 () / Heft 1, S. 32-50 (19)
Publiziert 31.01.2023

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Scholars have argued that modern American choice of law is subject to three biases: (1) a bias in favor of residents of the forum state (pro-resident bias), (2) a bias in favor of plaintiffs (pro-plaintiff bias), and (3) a bias in favor of the law of the forum (forum-law bias). This article brings new evidence about these biases from a comprehensive database of vehicular accident cases and from the first experiment related to choice of law. Overall, there is some evidence of a proresident bias in state (but not federal) court, some evidence of pro-plaintiff bias in both federal and state court, and no evidence of a forum-law bias.

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