Peter Müller

Die Johannesbriefe

Rubrik: Forschungsberichte
Theologische Rundschau (ThR)

Jahrgang 83 () / Heft 3-4, S. 274-320 (47)
Publiziert 18.04.2019

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Despite of H.-J. Klauck's remark in his 1995 report on the Johannine Epistles (there has not been much of a development during the last decades) some modifications can be detected. The search for opponents, important as it still is, does not play the outstanding and prominent role in recent exegesis, but is examined within the theological, ethical, and ecclesiastical contexts of the letters. Correspondingly, other topics gain more attention. The theological gist (God as light and love), the christological principles (he has come »in water and blood«), the new ethical commandment (love one another), and the understanding of the believers as the community of God's children are closely related with each other. This is proof of an intensive discussion on theological matters within the Johannine »circle« and its literary documents. However, given the peculiarities of the Johannine letters, and 1John in particular, it is important to understand the letters as independent pronouncements within a common strand of tradition.

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