Hermann Spieckermann

From Biblical Exegesis to Reception History

Jahrgang 1 () / Heft 3, S. 327-350 (24)

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The following article offers an analysis of the relation of reception history to the established academic approaches to biblical interpretation. Tracking the main turning points in the development of the Forschungsgeschichte of biblical studies over the past two hundred years-from source criticism to history of religions approaches to tradition history to redaction criticism-shows how reception history emerges naturally out of the interests and concerns of academic biblical interpretation. Biblical criticism should not only be concerned with the emergence and development of the biblical text up to the point of canonization but also with tracking its post-canonical interpretation. In this way reception criticism takes up the uncompleted task of biblical interpretation.

Hermann Spieckermann Geboren 1950; 1969–75 Studium der Ev. Theologie und Altorientalistik in Münster und Göttingen; 1982 Promotion; 1987 Habilitation; 1989–92 Professor für Altes Testament und altorientalische Religionsgeschichte in Zürich; 1992–99 in Hamburg; 1999–2018 Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Altes Testament in Göttingen.