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Cover von: Gottes Wort und Schreibers Griffel
Christoph Berner

Gottes Wort und Schreibers Griffel

Rubrik: Aufsätze
Jahrgang 118 (2021) / Heft 2, S. 141-159 (19)
Publiziert 21.06.2021
DOI 10.1628/zthk-2021-0008
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  • 10.1628/zthk-2021-0008
The article discusses the chances and limits of the redaction-historical method in the light of current points of criticism and misconceptions. Based on an analysis of Exod 3:13–15, it reflects some consequences of a redaction-historical approach for biblical exegesis and its implications for the use of the Old Testament in Protestant theology.