Jörg Dierken

Inter-Subjektivität Dimensionen ethischer Theologie

Jahrgang 108 () / Heft 3, S. 336-354 (19)

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e develops a concept of ethical theology concerning contemporary moral questions and focusing on ethical orientation in human life and action. Thereby, basic tensions have to be discussed in mutual relationships, p. e. normative dissents which are empirical matters themselves, individuals as moral agents with respect to a universal horizon that on its part is open for individual recognition by the fact of deviation. Inter-subjectivity means therefore that neither subjectivity nor sociality can be primordial. For that, ethical theology discusses man's relation to God in terms of social relationships. This shows at least two types of order constituted out of the Self: (1) one symmetrical between the Self and Others, and (2) a counterfactual one in the light of the Is-Ought contrast. While the first one can be understood as a form of moral pantheism, the second one is expressed in symbols of ethical monotheism.

Jörg Dierken Geboren 1959; Studium der Theologie und Philosophie; 1987 Promotion; seit 1995 Professor für Systematische Theologie / Ethik und Religionsphilosophie an der Universität Hamburg; seit 2012 erster Vorsitzender der Internationalen Schleiermacher-Gesellschaft.