Romy Klimke

Ist das EU-Außenwirtschaftsrecht gender-blind?

Über die Notwendigkeit und praktische Umsetzung einer Geschlechterperspektive in der gemeinsamen Handelspolitik der Union

Rubrik: Abhandlungen
Archiv des Völkerrechts (AVR)

Jahrgang 61 () / Heft 1, S. 27-59 (33)
Publiziert 20.07.2023

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DOI: 10.1628/avr-2023-0004
clude a gender-specific perspective. The case studies reveal that the integration of gender aspects into EU trade policy primarily takes place in a reactive manner. The progress made so far is most remarkable in treaty-based trade policy when it is supported by ambitious targets set by partner countries. In the area of autonomous trade policy, however, the EU remains reluctant to introduce a gender perspective into the legal design of trade instruments. The article therefore concludes that the current state of implementation of a gender-aware trade policy does neither meet the requirements of the EU Treaties, nor does it match the self-imposed objective of the EU Commission to incorporate a gender perspective in all its policies and processes.

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