Michael Theobald

Kirche im Neuen Testament

Ein ekklesiologischer Entwurf in vierundzwanzig Thesen

Jahrgang 117 () / Heft 4, S. 377-408 (32)
Publiziert 22.12.2020

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New Testament research over the past couple of decades has added greatly to our knowledge of the early Christian churches. It makes sense to prepare and use these results to initiate a fresh conversation between biblical and systematic theology on ecclesiology. In a first step, the twenty-four theses here offer observations on the terminology of New Testament speech about the church, describe in a second how, by taking into account the most important historical questions, the church came into being in the first and second centuries and, in a third, reflect on the guideline to the nature of the church, the so-called notae ecclesiae of the creed. The goal of the theses is the biblical foundation of an ecumenical ecclesiology.

Michael Theobald Geboren 1948; Studium der Kath. Theologie in Bonn, Münster und München; 1980 Promotion in Bonn; 1985 Habilitation in Regensburg; 1985–89 Professor für Biblische Theologie an der FU Berlin; 1989–2016 Professor für Neues Testament an der Katholisch-theologischen Fakultät der Universität Tübingen; seit 2016 emeritiert.