Typologische Christologie: Einige Beispiele - 10.1628/zthk-2020-0002 - Mohr Siebeck

Christoph Levin

Typologische Christologie: Einige Beispiele

Jahrgang 117 () / Heft 1, S. 1-20 (20)
Publiziert 17.03.2020

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By discussing a number of familiar as well as hitherto unknown examples, the article shows how the Gospels can evoke entire scenes from the Old Testament by employing keywords, which enables them to be interpreted as prefigurations of the appearance of Christ: Gen 28:11–16 in Mark 4:35–41; Gen 37:5–11 in Luke 2:19.51; Gen 25:21–23 in Luke 1:39–45; T. Naph. 7:1–4 in Luke 24:32; 1Sam 9:15–17 in John 19:5; and 1Kgs 17:10–24 in John 2:3–5 and 19:26–27. The typological interpretation of the Old Testament in the New goes far beyond the explicit and immediately comprehensible references. In more ways than one, the Old Testament provides the framework within which the Christology becomes conceivable.

Christoph Levin Born 1950; Professor emeritus of Old Testament Studies at the University of Munich; corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities and of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters; 2010–13 President of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament.