Scribalism and Ritual Innovation - 10.1628/hebai-2018-0027 - Mohr Siebeck

Nathan MacDonald

Scribalism and Ritual Innovation

Jahrgang 7 () / Heft 4, S. 415-429 (15)
Publiziert 10.04.2019

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The ritual texts of the Pentateuch do not always reflect actual cultic procedures of the Second Temple. Two examples are examined where this is probably the case: first, the confusion of tǝnûpâ and tǝrûmâ and, second, the blood manipulation of Exodus 24. A careful examination of these two examples can lead to a better appreciation of the historical cult of Israel and the effects of textualization of rituals.

Nathan MacDonald Born 1975; studied theology and classical Hebrew in Cambridge and Durham; currently University Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College.